5 Ways YOU Can Declutter Your Home

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Spring is here and it’s time to think about doing something with the closets, cabinets, and garage. The bottom line is that you have more belongings than you will ever use. Instead of continuing to work around things, it’s time to declutter your home  and make the place more livable. Here are five ways to accomplish your goal and spend less time living in fear of opening the bedroom closet door.

Tackle One Area at a Time

One of the rookie mistakes people make with decluttering their houses is trying to do everything in a day or two. You’ve probably tried this approach before and ended up too discouraged to continue. This time, try a different approach.

Forget about the garage or the spare bedroom today. Your project is to get rid of the clutter found in one room. That includes a closet if there’s one in that room.

For example, you may choose to start with the master bedroom. Make a sweep of the exposed surfaces first and get rid of the clutter on the nightstands and the dresser. Next, go through the dresser drawers and decide what stays and what goes. Finally, start working on the closet. Once all the discards are set aside in a box, place it in the garage for now and bask in the tidy space that is your bedroom.

Apply the Two-Year Rule

The two-year rule will save you from making a lot of hard decisions. If you haven’t worn it, listened to it, or used in in the last two years it has to go. No exceptions. You are already living your life without it in all the ways that matter. Physically getting rid of those things will make it easier to enjoy everything you do use regularly.

Organize as You Go

Do you have board games scattered in several closets? They need to be gathered and placed in a single location. The same is true for essentials like umbrellas, winter coats, and other essentials. As you set aside things you never use any longer, it will be easier to make sure like items are found in one place and not several.

Offer Your Discards to Loved Ones

Have friends and relatives  come over and go through the things you are discarding. Some of them may be able to put those things to good use. Anything that’s left can be donated to charity or dumped in a trash can.

Put Self-Storage to Good Use

Even after you make a complete sweep, there will still be furnishings, boxes of documents, and other items that must be kept for one reason or another. Have you thought about what residential self storage in Winnipeg can do? The units come in different sizes and include features like climate control. You can safely store those still-valuable items away from your home and get to them whenever the need arises.

Start now by getting rid of everything you will never use again. Anything that’s left can be placed in self storage in Winnipeg for as long as you like. Do it now and never have to waste time looking for your tennis racquet or Scrabble set again.

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