4 Reasons You Should Store Your Commercial Items Off-Site

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Businesses of all sizes have storage needs. While it was once easy to store all of the files, trade show materials, and other essentials on site, things are getting a little cramped. What you need is a unit at one of the Winnipeg storage facilities. Here are some of the reasons why choosing to store your business documents and other items in a secure off site location makes a lot of sense.

Keeping Things Organized

Choosing to store the items that you don’t need every day creates more room in your work spaces. Imagine what your employees could do if they didn’t have to find their way around everything from office furniture to dozens of file boxes containing important records. You will find that organizing the work spaces for your employees is easier and increases productivity.

The right unit at a self-storage company also means you can keep your documents in order. It’s easy enough to arrange the document boxes alphabetically or according to any system that makes finding that one folder a quick and easy task. Compare that to spending time going from room to room in your office trying to find the right box.

A Safe Place

It’s true that you have digital copies of many business documents. Even so, there are contracts and other paper copies that must be protected. What would happen if all those hard copies were stored in the office and some kind of disaster occurred. If the fire and smoke didn’t damage your documents, the water from the sprinkler system would likely soak through the boxes and ruin them.

If you choose to store the documents at a secure facility, you don’t have to worry. Most  commercial storage units have fire safety equipment in place that protects the contents of individual storage units. Even if a fire did break out on the premises, the safety measures would automatically activate and bring the flames under control long before your important papers sustain any damage.

Keeping Items in Top Condition

The climate controlled environment provided by the storage company ensures your furnishings, trade show posters, and furniture are maintained in pristine condition. The environmental system keeps the temperature and humidity levels constant. It doesn’t matter if the temperature is soaring or the winter will be the worst in years. Your things will not be affected.

The Security Angle

While you do have office security measures in place, would they really be enough to prevent someone from getting to your valuable documents? The security measures taken at the right storage facility will be enough to discourage any attempts to steal your commercial belongings. A fences and gated space combines with security cameras and personnel on duty ensures no suspicious activity will be overlooked. Unless you have security guards who check on your office all through the night, this level of protection is hard to come by.

Look around your office and think about what you could accomplish by placing more of your commercial items in some type of off-site storage. Once you give it a try for a month, you’ll never want to go back to the way things used to be.

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