What Items Should I Store While Moving?

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While you are excited about the upcoming move, the idea of having to find a place for all those belongings doesn’t exactly make you jump for joy. One way to simplify things is to identify specific items that you will not need immediately and rent one of the Winnipeg storage units to house them for a time. Here are some examples of what can go into storage for a few months and allow you time to get the new place in order.

Holiday Decorations

Unless you plan on decorating for a holiday immediately after the move, all your decorations can be placed in storage for the time being. Invest in containers that are uniform in size so they can be stacked and labeled properly. You’ll find that this strategy makes it easier to utilize the vertical as well as the horizontal storage space in your rented unit.

Off Season Clothing

There are items in your closet that will not be needed again for several months. Now is the time to fold and place them into airtight containers. Transport those containers to the storage unit and find a spot for them. Once you are settled in the new place, it will be easy enough to retrieve the containers and store them in a closet or other space in your new home.

Duplicates That You Never Use

It’s so easy to accumulate more than one blender or coffeemaker. The truth is that you have quite a few duplicated items in your kitchen alone that are never used. Why not place those in storage for a few months? That provides more time to arrange the things that you do use regularly in the new place and gradually bring in the duplicates that you can’t bear to part with for some reason.

Spare Pieces of Furniture

Many people find that they benefit from having a single room to store boxes immediately after a move. This approach allows you to keep the main areas of the new place in order as you unpack and find the right spot for artwork and other essentials. In the meantime, use your outdoor self-storage unit to house the bed frame and other furniture that will eventually occupy the spare room you plan on using to store those unpacked boxes. After everything is unpacked and the room is clear, you can raid the unit and arrange the furnishings to your liking.

Seasonal Vehicle

Do you have a second vehicle that you only drive during certain seasons? Go ahead and place it in storage prior to the move. After the new place is organized, you can retrieve the vehicle and park it in the garage of your new home.

The purpose of utilizing one of the storage solutions in Winnipeg is to avoid taking along things that you rarely use and having to work around them as you organize the new home. Rent a unit large enough to hold those non-essentials and focus more on finding a place for everything you do use daily. Once that’s done, you can take your time removing those other things from storage and placing them in the spaces you prepared in advance.

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