Do I Need to Store My “Winter Beater” During the Summer?

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It’s true that the vehicle you drive during the winter is a little worse for wear. That was the whole point of investing in a beater that would get you through the colder months without worrying about the effects of the slush and ice on the vehicle itself. Now that warm weather is back, is there any reason to place the beater in storage? The fact is choosing this route makes sense for several reasons.

Preventing Heat Damage to the Vehicle

You may think that your old beater will hold up well to the summer heat. After all, it did just fine during the cold of winter. The fact is that any vehicle you leave idle for long periods of time needs to be placed in some type of car storage facility. The sun and warmer temperatures are just as capable of damaging the tires, battery, and other parts of the car as winter. By deciding to place the vehicle into storage, it’s easier to prepare it for those months when it will not be used. When the weather starts to turn cold again, getting the beater ready for another round will be all the easier.

Minimize Your Replacement Costs

While some think of a winter beater as a used vehicle that one uses for a single winter, there is no reason that the car or truck can’t get you through at least one more cold season. Even with lower purchase prices, having to buy a different beater every year does require a significant amount of money.

The amount you would pay to store the beater for the summer will be a fraction of what it would cost to replace it. Even if you needed to spend a little to get the car ready for use during the winter, there would still be a tidy sum of money left over. Think of what you could do with all that cash if you opted for car storage in Winnipeg during the summer months.

A Spare Vehicle is Always There If You Need It

There’s no rule that says your winter beater must remain in self storage for the spring, summer, and most of the fall. What would you do if your car had to go into the shop after an accident or needed some kind of major engine repair? How would you get around?

If you have your old beater tucked away in a secure Winnipeg storage facility, it will be easy enough to mount the tires, replace the fluids, and reconnect the battery. While your other car is being repaired, your winter beater becomes your temporary summer beater. That’s much more convenient that using public transport or relying on friends to take you wherever you want to go.

These are only a few of the reasons to consider placing your old winter beater into storage once warm weather returns. Try this approach for a year and see what you think. Rest assured the cost will be worth every penny.

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