4 Tips for Getting the RV Ready for Your Summer Long Weekend

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Thanks to your forward thinking, the family’s recreational vehicle was placed into car storage for the winter. Now that summer is here, you are planning the first long weekend outing. Getting the RV ready will be a lot easier than you realized. Here are some tips that will help.

Mounting the Tires

Since the RV was going to be in storage for several months, you removed the wheels and placed the vehicle on jack stands. That ensured the weight of the vehicle did not damage the tires during the long period of no use. Before you do anything else, mount the tires on the RV and make sure they are secure.

While you may feel comfortable taking care of this task alone, it never hurts to have a second person along. Managing to move a tire into position while managing the jacks is not as easy as some may think. You’ll find that maneuvering each tire into place and securing it with the lug nuts is much faster when two are taking care of the project.

Connecting the Battery and Checking the Fluids

When you opted for Winnipeg car storage, you made sure to disconnect the battery. One of the first things you want to do is make sure the battery is recharged. That will set the stage for testing the engine and making sure it’s in proper working order.

You also had the oil, transmission fluid, and other fluids changed before the RV went into storage. Thanks to the climate-controlled environment, everything should still be fine. To be sure, check the fluid levels before starting the engine.

Check the Fuel Tank

Remember that you topped off the fuel tank before placing the vehicle in storage. That helped to prevent condensation from building up in the tank. It also helped prevent the seals from drying out in the meantime. Once you crank the RV and hear that the engine sounds fine, you can drive it to a local shop where a professional can ensure the tank is still in fine shape.

Clean Your RV Inside and Out

The nice thing about storage units in Winnipeg is that they protect vehicles from weather damage. They also reduce the amount of cleaning you need to do when you decide it’s time to take the RV on a weekend outing. While you did was the vehicle when you placed it in storage, it could use a little freshening.

Once you have taken the RV to a local mechanic and made sure everything is sound, visit a local car wash and have the exterior and interior cleaned again. You’ll love the way the body shines in the sunlight and enjoy the fresh scent when you and the family settle in for the drive to wherever you are going.

Thanks to your prudent use of storage, getting the RV ready for summer use is much easier. Take the time to have the vehicle checked, then have it cleaned. Along with making the vehicle more comfortable, you can rest assured that it’s mechanically sound and will get you to and from home without any incident.

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