What Storage Supplies Do I Need to Keep My Valuables Safe?

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Choosing the right facility for self storage in Winnipeg is a great start but there is still work to do. Specifically, you need to think about what sort of storage supplies will protect your belongings and ensure they remain in pristine condition. While the range of supplies will vary somewhat based on the type of items you place in storage, there are some essentials that apply in just about any situation. Make sure you have these on hand and those valuables will remain safe and in great condition.

Selecting the Right Boxes

Whether you plan on storing your belongings for a few weeks, several months, or for a year or so, it pays to choose the right storage containers. Many people assume that any old cardboard box will do but that’s not the case. There are certain qualities that you want in those storage boxes.

When opting for cardboard boxes, always go for something that is thicker and more durable. Flimsy boxes are not just more difficult to handle. They can also fail and leave your belongings scattered across the storage unit floor. A good rule of thumb is to not consider any type of cardboard storage box that is made to support less than 200 pounds. This is because it’s not just about the weight of what’s in each box; it’s also about the fact you will be stacking those boxes in order to make better use of your unit.

Along with the weight bearing qualities, you want those boxes to be coated. A thin coating adds more stability to the boxes and ensures they don’t collapse if you do stack several along a wall.

Plastic Tubs Work Well

If you would rather try something other than cardboard boxes, consider the idea of investing in plastic tubs that come with lids. When buying the tubs, pay close attention to the weight bearing limits. Since you will be stacking the tubs, you want to make sure they are capable of holding up to the additional pressure as well as supporting the weight of the items you place in each one.

Many people find that they like to go with clear tubs. Doing so does make it easier to quickly see what is in each one and narrow the search a little. For example, you may be looking for a specific winter coat. You have coats stored in three different containers, but thanks to the fact they are clear, it’s easier to spot the one you want.

Containers Other Than Boxes or Tubs

There are some things that either will not fit in boxes or that would be better stored in some other type of container. It’s still common for items like dishes, glasses, and ceramic platters to be stored in barrels instead of cardboard boxes. Look into the idea of securing a few for your items that need some extra protection during transit and while in storage.

As with the boxes, it pays to invest in barrels that are stackable. While it’s not practical to stack them all the way to the ceiling of the storage unit, you can place one on top of another with relative ease. Make sure to place the heavier barrels on the bottom and save the space on top for the lighter ones.

You may have some items that need to be wrapped since they won’t fit in boxes or barrels. Floor lamps are a good example. You can invest in cardboard sheeting that will encase these objects and protect them from any type of scratching during transit. The sheeting will also help keep the objects from collecting any dust while in the storage unit.

The Fillers Matter Too

For best storage results, you don’t want to simply toss your belongings into a box and call the task done. Fillers and wrapping materials provide the cushioning needed to protect each item from potential damage.

Different types of fillers are appropriate for various sorts of valuables. Fragile items like crystal vases, delicate china, and small mirrors should be encased in bubble wrap. The wrap helps absorb any shock triggered when the box is lifted and moved.

Items that are less fragile still need to be wrapped. You may find that wrapping them in tissue paper will work nicely. If you need something a little thicker, packing paper works very well. You’ll find these and other filler options at any retailer who sells storage supplies in Winnipeg, but check with the storage facility first. They may sell exactly what you need for reasonable prices.

Packing Tape and Twine

Another essential you will need before moving anything into your rented Winnipeg mini storage compartment is something to seal the boxes. Many people find that a combination of packing tape and twine is ideal for their purposes. Packing tape is more durable and is less likely to split under pressure. That’s important since you will be stacking at least some of those boxes.
Twine may seem like overkill, but it does help add more stability. A bonus is that the use of twine that criss-crosses over all four sides is that you have something to grab onto when you need to lift a box or remove it from the top of a stack.

Don’t Forget the Labels

Each box or container that you place in the storage unit should be labeled. With the cardboard boxes, using a marker to write a brief list of the contents on at least two sides will do. The idea is to ensure that if you need to retrieve something, it will be easy to determine which container has that item and not have to go through several boxes before finding the right one.

For containers like barrels, investing in a packet of adhesive-backed labels is a smart move. Write out the contents list before you attempt to adhere the label to the container. As with the cardboard boxes, make sure there is a list that is easily viewed from at least two sides.

Remember that the better storage places in Winnipeg have a wide range of supplies suitable for protecting just about anything you want to store. If you are not sure about how to encase and protect something in particular, ask for advice. The result will be ensuring the valuable is less likely to be scratched, cracked, or sustain some other type of damage.

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