What to Look for in a Self Storage Provider in Winnipeg

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There’s a good chance of needing some sort of Winnipeg storage facility at least once in your life. Perhaps you need to store furnishings temporarily while you have some home remodeling done. Maybe you want to store belongings in between moves. It could be that you are tired of attics and basements crammed with things you want to keep and need a secure place to store those treasures. Whatever the reason, finding the right facility is a must. Here are some tips that will help.

The Unit Sizes Available

Before thinking about any other attributes, find out if the Winnipeg self storage provider has units available in the size you need. Depending on whether you need space to store holiday decorations or tuck away several rooms worth of furniture, the unit you need may be larger or smaller. Many of the better providers in the area have units that are ideal for all sorts of storage needs. If the provider you contact does not have a unit that is the right size, keep looking.

The Security Measures

What sort of security is in place? One of the first types of protection you want to see is that the units are enclosed by a sturdy fence. When the units are easily accessed from just about every direction, that could mean a problem with break-ins. A fence that includes no more than one or two gates that are closely monitored will provide you with more peace of mind.

Along with the fence, the presence of security cameras around and near each unit is a must. It doesn’t hurt if each storage unit also comes with individual security cameras or equipment. Even if someone does manage to escape notice before reaching your unit, the security equipment in the unit proper will alert the team that something is amiss and ensure help is on the way at once.

Excellent Customer Support

Customer service and support is also a must when you are considering any option for storage in Winnipeg. The support starts when you are renting the unit but it doesn’t stop there. Knowing there is staff on hand at all times means you can call and get answers to any questions even if it happens to be a weekend. That support also comes in handy if you want to visit your unit after hours to retrieve something or add another valuable to the contents of your storage unit.

Additional Benefits and Services

Life will certainly be easier if your choice for outdoor self storage in Winnipeg comes with some additional benefits. For example, do you have something that must be moved to the storage site but you lack the equipment do manage the task? There are storage facilities with the resources to collect your item and ensure it’s transported safely. Those same providers can also deliver a belonging to you if it’s not possible to go to the site and collect the valuable yourself.

The bottom line is that you want to work with a self storage provider who makes it easy and affordable to secure your belongings in a safe place. Focus your attention on providers who offer the range of features and benefits that you seek. Once you find the right one, rest assured that your precious belongings will be in good hands.

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