Going Overseas? It May Be Cheaper to Store Your Belongings Than to Ship Them!

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Your employer has offered you a wonderful opportunity. There’s a new office opening and you have the chance to be part of the team that will handle the setup. The only thing is that you will need to spend several months to a year in another country while you help get the office up and running. What will happen with your belongings in the meantime? Rather than thinking of taking everything with you and then having to ship everything back, it makes sense to store your furnishings and other items and only take your clothing and a few personal effects along. Here are some of the ways that storage will be a less expensive and more practical solution that shipping everything.

Calculating the Outbound Shipping Costs

Have you had the opportunity to consider all the expenses associated with the actual shipping of your belongings? There’s the matter of having the crated and boxed belongings picked up by a professional moving service and transported to the shipping dock. Then there’s the cost of loading the stored items, preparing the shipping documents, and having everything inspected to ensure it is packed according to current regulations. On top of that, there is the actual fees associated with the transport of the shipment. When you add these expenses alone, you are likely to find that opting for storage in Winnipeg for a year would be more cost effective.

How About the Other Fees and Charges?

Remember that it’s not just the expenses you will incur at the port of departure. There will be more fees and charges associated with clearing customs and allowing the freight to enter the country you will call home for the next year. What do you know about the costs associated with checking the bills of lading, ensuring the customs documents are in order, and arranging for your belongings to be unloaded and stored while you arrange for transport to your new living quarters?

In many cases, you will find that these charges that are assessed at your destination will be at least as much as the ones you incurred just before departing. If the expenses that you’ve already paid just to get the shipment on the way was not incentive enough, adding in the fees and charges you will pay to get your belongings into the international location will certainly help you see why Winnipeg storage units make a lot of sense.

The Cost of Shipping Everything Back

Assume that your employer has agreed to pay part of the costs of getting your belongings to the destination. You still pay the rest out of pocket. What will happen when the time comes to return?

Perhaps your employer will once again pay for part of the costs. The rest will be left for you to manage. Expect the charges and fees to be much like the ones you paid at both the port of departure and the point of entry when you first made the outbound trip? How much will it cost to return all of your things to the original port? Add that to the total cost and it the idea of checking out secure storage places in Winnipeg to house most of your belongings becomes an excellent financial move.

While there may be some exceptions, storing your furniture and other things while you are out of the country is a smart move. Contact a local storage professional and obtain a quote. Compare that to the information a freight company can provide about transport, documentation, and delivery. Having the two quotes side by side will make it easier to select the best approach.

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