How Can You Know if a Storage Unit is Safe to Store Your Car In?

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You have plans for being away for several months. Taking the car is not an option so you are looking for the right place to store your vehicle. One of the primary concerns you have is the safety of the vehicle. Will it be in the same condition when you return? Many storage companies have units available that are perfectly suited for automobile storage. Here are some of the signs that the company you have in mind will ensure your car remains safe for the duration of the rental period.

Controlled Access Points

The first line of security with any type of storage facility is the measures used to determine who has access to the storage units. In order to protect the belongings placed in each of the units, many facilities will begin the control by installing fences. Those fences are equipped with no more than one or two gates that serve as entry and exit points. It’s simple enough to ensure those points of entry and exit can be monitored around the clock.

Those access points are sometimes equipped with locks that require the entry of a key code for entrance. This is important since one must have the code in order to open the automated gate. While some companies used this as a safety feature after the daytime hours of operation, others use this strategy continually.

Even if the gate is not automated, there is likely to be a guard who greets people as they seek to enter the area. The idea is to determine if those visitors are in fact clients or at least someone who is on the way to the company office to rent a unit. Having them sign in and then sign out when they leave is an effective way of keeping up with who is on the property and could be near your stored vehicle.

Indoor Versus Outdoor Storage

You will find that there are multiple options for public storage in Winnipeg, including outdoor storage for vehicles. While this may work for some, opting for an indoor unit does make sense. In addition to the security locks on the unit proper, there is also the matter of locks that protect the main building’s entry. Anything that would discourage or at least slow down the progress of an intruder is a good thing.

The Nature of the Storage Unit Locks

If you think that the locks on individual storage units are mainly padlocks, think again. This part of the security measure used for storage units in Winnipeg has made quite a bit of progress. While it’s still possible to protect the unit with the use of a lock and key, the more common approach is to utilize locking systems that require the entry of a code and maybe even some type of voice or fingerprint recognition. Once considered to be measures suitable for bank vaults, technology has made these approaches more affordable for storage company owners. If you really want to make sure access to the unit housing your vehicle is secure, choosing a unit equipped with this kind of technology makes a lot of sense.

Security Cameras Everywhere

Technology has also made it easier to install enhanced monitoring systems. Security cameras are more affordable and capable of capturing more defined images than in years past. That’s good news for you, since it makes it all the easier to use these motion-activated cameras to keep tabs on any activity outside the storage unit. Couple that with the fact that the video can be copied to a cloud location for storage and there is always something to show who was around the unit on a given date and time.

The presence of those cameras also allows guards to be aware when suspicious activity is taking place. That in turn allows for faster notification of the local authorities and intervention by the security staff. If someone does manage to get as close as the door of your storage unit, they are highly unlikely to make further progress before the police arrive.

Location Makes a Difference

The location of the storage unit is also another factor that affects security. Even with fences and the latest in surveillance equipment, it pays to focus your search on companies that happen to offer options for Winnipeg car storage in areas with lower crime rates. It all boils down to statistics. If you store the car in an area where thefts are less frequent, the chances that someone will target your vehicle and either strip it or steal the entire care are lower.

It’s true that location alone is not enough to protect the vehicle. You still want the facility to provide a reasonable range of safeguards like security cameras, controlled points of entry, and locking systems that would slow down anyone who did not have the proper codes or a set of keys. While no area is completely immune to intruders, opting for a storage rental in an area where break-ins and robberies are minimal also affords at least some peace of mind.

Climate Control is a Must

While much of your safety concerns focus on security measures, there is also the matter of protecting the vehicle from possible damage due to changing weather conditions. Your best bet is to lease a storage unit that is equipped with climate control.

Doing so protects your vehicle in a number of ways. Since the temperature is kept within a uniform range all year long, there is no opportunity for driving rain, freezing temperatures, or excessive heat to damage the upholstery or place additional stress on the tires, the battery, or even have a detrimental effect on any fluids that remain in the engine, transmission, and brake system. This level of protection will make a difference when you return and begin to prepare the car for use.

Choose the storage for your vehicle carefully. The right one will protect it from the elements, possible damage by intruders, and make the process of getting the car ready for use again much easier.

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