How to Find a Trustworthy Self Storage Location

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If this is your first time looking for a self storage unit, you must understand that not all facilities are alike. Some provide little more than a place to store your belongings at your own risk. Others offer features and amenities that provide customers with added peace of mind. The latter is what you should seek as you look at different facility locations. Here are some examples of what the right storage company will offer.

A Convenient Location

You can begin to narrow the range of choices by determining which areas of town would be easy for you to reach. Maybe you would like one that is close to your residence. That certainly makes it easier when the time comes to retrieve the holiday decorations that you store in the unit.

Perhaps your idea of convenience is a facility that is along the route you take to and from work. Since you travel that route frequently, it will be easy to pop in, get what you want, and be on your way.

Only you can answer the question of “is self storage near me the right choice?” You also have to decide if that location happens to be convenient. Don’t base the answers on what others think. If this is a major factor to you, then allow it to guide your search for the best location.

The Security Measures

Never rent a storage unit without touring the facility first. Your goal is to learn all about the security measures offered by the company. You will fined that many Winnipeg self storage companies offer gated access. Fewer will offer adequate lighting around the units. Even less will provide around the clock security officers who conduct periodic walk-throughs.

During your visit, ask about the security cameras and how they work. What you hope to hear is that cameras are used extensively throughout the facility for self storage in Winnipeg. They are placed so that no area of the facility is left out of range. It helps if they are motion activated and capable of movement when any activity takes place. Knowing that the video capture is immediate and stored in a cloud location is also something you want.

The Facility’s Reputation

While much of your efforts focus on what you learn from the facility team, it also helps to look outside for reviews and ratings from past clients. Thanks to the Internet, you can find reviews with relative ease. Those reviews and ratings will give you a good idea of how much trust clients place in the facility and those who manage it.

When most of the reviews indicate the team is professional, responsible, and always ready to help clients, that’s a good sign. If you notice there appears to be a recurring issue with security, facility maintenance, or some other issue that causes you concern, take that as a sign to look elsewhere.

Remember your goal is to lease space at a facility where your belongings are kept safe. Ask all the questions that you need to verify the place has the right security measures and reputation for the task. Doing so ensures that your belongings will be in safe hands for as long as you need to lease the unit.


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