What is the Most Secure Storage Unit Location in Winnipeg?

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Self-storage units are a great way to keep things you don’t have room for at home but are not ready to give away or sell. When you set out to find the most secure unit in the Winnipeg area, it pays to look closely at what measures the storage company takes to keep your belongings safe. Only consider facilities that come with these features.

The Area Around the Facility

You can get a few clues about the security of the unit by taking a look at what is found around the facility. Ideally, you want to do business with a storage company located in a part of town with few vacant buildings. The streets must be well lit and the area should be well-maintained. If the municipality has security cameras mounted at strategic points in the neighborhood, you know that anyone loitering outside the storage facility will be captured on the video feed and their activity noted.

Gated Storage is a Must

Not all self-storage facilities are surrounded with fences and gates. Immediately bypass those without this form of protection. Even if you are going for a facility that offers climate control as one of the features, the buildings must be surrounded by fences and the points of entry must be limited. You can bet that the storage units in Winnipeg with gated facilities will do a better job of protecting your belongings.

Another feature you want with the gates is personalized PIN codes. Since you may want to get to something in your storage unit any time of the day or night, the code serves as a way to identify you immediately and confirm you are a client. It will also allow you to go through the gate, reach your unit, retrieve what you want, and exit without any incident. Thanks to the personalized code, the guards at the facility will know when you enter, where you will be going, and when you leave.

Individual Alarm Connection

Individual alarm connection is a little different from the general alarm strategy used at some storage facilities. This solution offers alarms that are individually configured to sound when a specific unit is breached. When this approach to security is used at storage units in Winnipeg, the facility team has more than a general idea of which unit has been opened by an unauthorized person. Thanks to the fact that the alarms are set for each unit, they know immediately where to go and the measures they must take to deal with the intruder.

Security Lighting

Lighting found in and around the facility is also another clue you should consider carefully. Storage facilities that are well lit in all areas are much safer than those with minimal lighting. the goal is to ensure there is not any area around the storage units that cannot be seen clearly. Even in the middle of the night, the space around the units will be completely visible. Unless the facility you are considering has this type of lighting array, it’s not the location for you.

Camera Placement and Monitoring

Few storage facilities are without cameras. The question is how well do those cameras capture activity in and around those storage units Winnipeg? Ideally, they are strategically placed so that there is always a clear view of the entrance to each unit. If the cameras also happen to be motion activated and the footage is routinely uploaded to a cloud location, that is all the better.

When it comes to security cameras, you want the facility to consider more to be better. There must be enough cameras to capture just about every angle that an intruder would consider a viable way to get into any of the units. Along with placement, the direction of the cameras will make a difference. The odds of anyone being able to get to a unit and break in are lessened when several cameras are tracking the activity from beginning to end.

Team Walk-Throughs

Even with sophisticated electronic monitoring and automated alarms, you still want to know the team makes random walk-throughs. There are times when people can pick up on sounds and other small signs indicating something is not quite right. As they identify those unusual signs, there is the option to take action and possibly stop a break-in before it can get underway.

Ask about how frequently walk-throughs are conducted, but don’t expect to be provided with a schedule. The whole point of random walk-throughs is to prevent anyone from knowing exactly when a guard may appear in any given part of the enclosed area. Since it’s not possible to predict when the guards will make the rounds, would-be intruders will find it harder to know when they can make an attempt and lessen the potential to get caught.

Offering Insurance

The Better Business Bureau in Canada urges clients to secure insurance when they rent any type of storage units. You would do well to ask if the facility under consideration can help you with finding the best insurance plan. When facility owners take the needs of their customers seriously, they will offer more than access to packing crates and dollies to help them move the packed boxes into position. They will also either provide a means of purchasing insurance as part of the rental agreement or have relationships with several insurance providers who offer the type of coverage you need.

The reason you want to invest in a storage unit rental is to keep things that are of value. They must be in a safe setting so you can have access to them whenever you like. In the interim they must be safe. As you compare the features offered by different facilities, keep all these factors in mind. Once you find a facility with the right security measures, see what terms the provider offers. Your wise choice will ensure your belongings remain safe now and for however long you choose to keep them in storage.

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