Declutter Your Garage for Winter: 5 Things You Should Be Moving to a Storage Unit

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The temperature is already cooling. It would be great to park the car in the garage, but there’s no room. Renting a storage unit for at least the winter will solve the problem. All you have to do is determine what will be moved to the storage unit. Here are some examples of what can be stored safely.

Holiday Decorations

While you will use some holiday decorations during the winter months, think of all the decorations that are used during the other seasons. You certainly won’t be using them any time soon. Since they are taking up space you could put to better use between now and spring, why not move them all to one of the Winnipeg storage units in the area?

Go ahead and move the decorations that you will use for winter holidays. As you organize things in the storage unit, make sure those decorations are placed so you can grab what you need quickly. Once those holidays are over, it will be easy to return them to the unit and have them safely out of the way for the rest of the winter.

Camping Equipment

Camping is something you enjoy most of the year, but usually when the weather is less severe. In fact, you can’t remember the last time you went camping during the winter months. It’s a shame for your tents, sleeping bags, and other camping gear to occupy space in the garage while your car has to be parked on the curb.

Correct the situation by moving all of your camping equipment to a storage unit. Like your holiday decorations, try to group the camping things so they are all in the same section of the unit. If you should decide for some reason to go camping while there is still snow on the ground, retrieving what you need will be easy. In the interim, your car will be safely tucked into the garage every night during the winter months.

If a lot of your camping excursions take place near a lake or river, there’s a good chance that you can also store things you use for activities like fishing or swimming. Floats, fishing tackle boxes, fishing poles, and even the cooking utensils that usually accompany you on this type of weekend outing can all be stored for the winter. Once you remove them from the garage, you’ll be amazed at how much room they were consuming.


It’s so easy to accumulate all sorts of furniture over the years. When there’s no room for it in the house, many people decide to tuck it into the garage while they decide whether to keep it or pass it on to someone else. You are still in the process of deciding what to do with those older pieces. While you decide, why not remove them from the garage and place them in one of the storage units in Winnipeg?

You’ll be surprised at how much room those odd pieces of furniture take up in the garage. That’s because you’ve forgotten just how much furniture is stored in the space. Once you load them up and place them in a storage unit, there will be plenty of room to pull your car inside on those cold winter nights. Think of what that means in terms of not having to remove frost or ice from the windshield first thing in the morning. Being able to store the car in the garage also reduces the chances of not being able to start the car on an especially cold winter morning.

Lawn and Garden Supplies

How much lawn work do you plan on doing during the winter? Most of the supplies you use during the spring, summer, and fall will not be touched until warm weather returns. Those supplies are taking up quite a bit of room. By moving them to a storage unit, you will easily free up space that can be put to better use.

Remember that you do want to keep a few essentials at home. For example, you should have a rake and a shovel on hand. You’ll find the shovel is helpful when you need to clear the sidewalk after it snows. The rake can also be helpful with gathering any sort of debris that should blow into the yard during the season. Remember tools like this can often be mounted on a garage wall and not take up any floor space at all. Make sure you hang them in a spot where you can grab them any time the need arises.

Boxes of Books and Magazines

Even in the digital age, it’s still easy to accumulate quite a few old books and magazines. There’s no room for the in the house, but you can’t bear to part with them just yet. Pack them in sturdy boxes that you can stack with ease and haul them to one of the nearby storage units. The space you create in the garage can be used for any auto supplies that are needed for the winter months.

Since you are boxing up the books and magazines for storage, take the opportunity to organize them by date, author, or genre. When spring comes and you decide it’s time to empty the storage unit, it will be easier to decide which boxes to keep and which ones you can donate to a charity shop.

These are only a few of the things you can move out of the garage and into a storage unit. You may have other things like old areas rugs or artwork that has not been used for years tucked away in a corner. Those are all good candidates for transport to the storage unit.

Remember that many facilities have lists of items they do not allow to be stored. Obtain a copy and make sure nothing you bring to the unit is on the list. Rest assured that you will have no trouble removing enough from the garage to make room for your vehicle to have a safe place for the winter.

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