Tips for Finding the Best Storage Facility in Winnipeg

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One look around the house is all it takes to convince you that renting a storage unit is a good idea. Now the focus is on finding the right facility. By asking yourself a few basic questions, it will be easy to identify storage facilities that are right for your needs. Here are some tips that will help you find the perfect unit.

Decide How Much Storage Space You Need

Before you make any commitment, always consider how much space is needed to store the things you want to move from the home. This is not as difficult to estimate as you think. Take into consideration the amount of space that is currently occupied in the storage areas at home and add another ten percent.

For example, the plan is to empty the basement plus a couple of the closets. At present, the basement is roughly 80% full of stored items. Calculate the amount of space you need by using the basement’s dimensions and adding another ten percent to that figure. That will compensate for the things you plan on removing from the closets and provide some room to organize the storage unit properly.

How Far Away is Too Far?

What parts of town are most convenient for you to reach? Those are the areas where you want to look for storage facilities. The goal is to settle on a facility that you consider convenient to home. When there is a need to haul something to the unit or to retrieve something for temporary use, it won’t take more than a half-hour to travel to the facility, complete your mission, and return home.

Alternatively, you may find it convenient to go with a storage facility that is located along the route you normally take to and from work. That makes it easy to drop off or pick up something without having to make a special trip.

A quick online search with a query like “find self storage near me” will provide a list of facilities you can consider. Depending on what other features you want in a storage unit, it will be easy to narrow the list down to two or three possible solutions.

Do You Need Climate Control?

Climate control is a must if you are storing anything that changing weather conditions could damage. Upholstered furniture is a good example. Climate controlled self storage in Winnipeg protects the upholstery and the padding underneath. You’ll also find that climate control is a good choice if you want to store wooden furniture.

The Right Level of Security

The fact that you are storing those belongings is a sign that you are not ready to part with them. Find out all you can about the level of security provided by the Winnipeg storage facility you are considering. Along with secure locks and fencing, security cameras and a guard on duty around the clock are signs that facility is worth giving a second look.

Never choose a storage facility on the spur of the moment. Find out all you can before making any type of commitment. Choose wisely and your belongings will be safe, secure, and always easy to reach when the need arises.

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