Steps to Take to Ensure Your Belongings are Safe in a Self Storage Unit

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You’ve never rented a storage unit before, but there’s the need for one now. Before you settle for the first one that you see, take the time to consider what it will take to keep your belongings safe from damage or theft. Here are a few steps you can take to ensure your choice turns out to be a good one.

Invest in a High-Quality Lock

While there are many self storage units that come with locks available, it makes sense to choose one of your own. A locksmith can recommend the right type of lock to keep the unit and the contents safe. Make sure that you have a spare set of keys tucked away in a safe place, like your bank safety deposit box or in the home safe. The right type of lock will discourage potential thieves or at least slow them down long enough for their efforts to be detected.

Learn All You Can About the Facility’s Security Measures

You can see that the facility is surrounded by a fence. What other security measures are in place? One way to find out is to talk with a representative and ask for specific details about how the units are protected.

Along with the fence, the points of entry are likely kept to a minimum. That makes it easier to monitor who enters and leaves the grounds. If the facility only has one or two exits, that is a good thing for you, since it means there is less chance for anyone to enter or leave without being noticed.

Security guards are another excellent safety feature. Guards who are monitoring activity around the clock often utilize security cameras to do quick spot checks and note any movement in the facility. The fact that someone is there to call for help if unauthorized individuals do get on the property will certainly increase the level of protection you and the other customers enjoy.

Opt for a Climate Controlled Unit

While many of your concerns have to do with preventing theft, it also pays to think about preventing damage to your belongings. One way to avoid potential issues like mold, mildew, or warping is to rent a climate controlled unit. These units keep the contents at a constant temperature and humidity level. No matter what the weather is like outside, you can rest assured your belongings will not be subjected to extremes of heat or cold, and there will be no moisture to cause mildew or mold.

Always Invest in Insurance

Did you know that it’s possible to get insurance coverage on the contents of your storage unit? Many companies that offer self storage in Winnipeg provide this type of protection to their clients. Alternatively, you can find an insurance provider who offers this type of coverage and take out a policy of your choosing. While you hope the need to file a claim never arises, it’s nice to know you are covered if an act of nature or theft leads to the loss of some or all of your stored belongings.

Choose your self storage unit wisely. Make sure you know what safety measures are in place and how you can build on them. With the right approach, you will rest easy knowing that your things are in good hands.

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