Spring Cleaning: Tips for Dumping Stored Items You Don’t Want or Need

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Warm weather will be here before long. That means time to do some spring cleaning. After you finish with the house, why not head out to your rented storage unit and spend some time sorting, discarding, and in general organizing the space? While it will take a little time, the effort will make it a lot easier to find and retrieve whatever you want from the unit during the rest of the year. Here are a few tips that will help with your project.

Block Out The Time

Professional storage in Winnipeg comes in a variety of sizes. You chose your unit because it was just right for all the things you wanted to get out out of the house but still keep. The thing is that the space is somewhat cluttered now and it’s getting harder to find anything. It will take time and effort to get the interior organized again.

A good rule of thumb is to carve out a solid block of time and spend it deciding what to do with the storage unit contents. Perhaps a Saturday afternoon will be all it takes to put a smaller unit to rights. If you happen to have a larger unit that is completely full, it could take the better part of a weekend.

Remember that once the project begins, you stay with it until everything is done. By making sure there is nothing else on your schedule, it’s easier to keep going and maybe even get the job done in less time than you anticipated.

Rent a Truck

Spring cleaning often means parting with some of the things you’ve been keeping but never use. One obstacle to letting things go is not having a way to take them to a charity shop, city dump, or some other destination. While you may not know everything that you’ve decided to remove from the unit, it pays to rent a truck and be prepared.

Remember that you don’t have to fill up the truck bed. The goal is to make sure there is plenty of room for anything that you decide to dump. If that ends up being a few boxes of small appliances and nothing else, that’s fine. The point is to eliminate the urge to keep something just because it would be too difficult to haul it away. With a truck on hand, you will find it easier to go ahead and get rid of things you will never use again.

Start With the Larger Pieces

As with many projects, being able to see that you are making progress is a powerful motivation. When you begin to tire of cleaning out of your Winnipeg storage unit, being able to look at all the things you’ve already placed in the truck will prove you are making some headway. If you begin with larger pieces like furnishings you will never use again, you will feel as if more progress is being made in a shorter amount of time.

A quick glance back at the interior of the unit itself will also confirm that it’s less cluttered than it was an hour ago. Getting those pieces of old furniture out of there really did make a difference. Even if there’s still a lot to do, the fact that so much has already been done will inspire you to keep going until everything is done.

Employ the Two-Year Rule

It’s understandable that you find it hard to let go of things. In the back of your mind, there’s always the idea that you or someone you know will be able to put those items to good use someday. Unfortunately, someday will never come for some of the things you have in storage.

This is where employing the two-year rule makes sense. As you begin to sort through boxes and larger items, consider how long they’ve been in the unit without being touched. That dining table and chairs may still be in good shape, but if it’s been in the unit for more than two years, it’s unlikely that you or anyone you know will need it anytime soon. Why not take it to a charity shop and let someone give it a new home?

Use the same approach with everything from holiday decorations to wall art and even to any clothing you have tucked away. After two years, it’s clear that you can live without it. Pass those things along while they are still in good shape. You’ll feel better once the job is done.

Invite Friends to Help

Having friends come along to help actually accomplishes two things. First, you have more hands to help shift things around and help you sort what stays and what will go. That can make the project move along a lot faster. Instead of the clean out taking all day, you might be done in just a few hours.

Another perk of this approach is that you can offer your friends their choice of anything you place in the discards pile. Perhaps some of the wall art you will never use again happens to be perfect for one friend’s apartment. Maybe that still-sturdy wingback chair is just what a friends wants for the corner in his or her bedroom. A friend who just moved into a first home may love to end up with the small kitchen appliances that you haven’t used in years.

Thanks to this approach, you have fewer items to transport to a charity shop or take to the junkyard. Your friends benefit because they have things they need without having to buy them. Everybody wins.

The whole idea of storage solutions like leased storage units is to have secure places for the things you want to keep. Clean the space out now and then and it will be easier to get to the things you do use once in a while. It also means there is space to store other things when and if you need more room in your home.

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